An Extra Two

My workout goal for today was “6 miles, 8 if I’m feeling good.” I was, so I did … just a tad over 8 miles in right around an hour. I’m really feeling the pressure to get miles on the legs now, but am also trying to balance that against a strict need to not overtrain and injure myself. Felt a few twinges of pain in the IT band, and so stopped at the halfway mark to stretch and walk it off. Seems OK now. Will probably need a mid-afternoon walk and an anti-inflammatory to keep the hurt away. Oh! And I’m not just a scant 2.5 miles from cracking the 1,000 mile mark on Nike+. Score.

Great morning for a run … my Yahoo! weather widget said it was 50 degrees F outside with showers expected — and sure enough, it was misting lightly when I went outside. A nice patch of blue sky opened up a few minutes after I started, though, making for another spectacular morning on the bay.

~ by Sean Flinn on March 4, 2009.

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