Garbage Legs

I’m coining a new phrase: “garbage legs.” It’s NOT the condition of having fallen into a pile of trash, emerging with banana peels and coffee grounds stuck to your lower extremities. No, “garbage legs” describes how crappy and unresponsive a runner’s legs just feel during some runs. You head out with every intention of doing some quality running, but instead your legs feel like lead, they get achy in weird spots, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to route any energy to them to make them go faster. Every step just feels like a struggle. If you’re lucky, this only hits you on a short workout.

I had me a bad case of garbage legs on Friday’s run — this despite having had a good dinner and 7-8 hours of solid sleep the night before. Yeah, my IT band is back to bothering me — but I’ve got some new shoes and a compression strap to help alleviate that somewhat. And honestly, that pain was just part of the pastiche of annoyance emanating from hips-to-toes. Thankfully, this was my shortest run of the week (a quick 6 miles), so there was less to endure.

Nothing you can do on days like this but use the time as a mental exercise — you can’t give up and go home; you have to get the miles in; you push through. At the end of it, you don’t even look at your watch to check your time. It’s like a bad game of golf. Just finishing is reward enough — except that golf at least affords you the opportunity to get drunk while your game goes to hell.

Garbage legs. Feel free to spread that one around.

~ by Sean Flinn on March 14, 2009.

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