Getting Settled

So, I promptly stopped blogging right before we actually moved into our new home, because the acts of packing, painting the new place, moving and un-packing were just too time consuming for me to contemplate sitting down in front of a PC to blather on about the whole thing.

Of course, that was weeks ago … I don’t have a good excuse as to why I haven’t plopped down and pounded something out about the “home stretch” of the big new home experience now that everything’s put away, organized and working properly. My wife was in the exact same boat. Thankfully, after a month of radio silence, her grandmother called her last night to ask Katie if she was still alive. That prompted her to finally sit down and do a quick recap — with pictures!

So, if you’ve been at all curious about the sweet hell of our moving / early homeowning experience so far, I invite you to read, “Lessons from a Dumbass Homeowner.”

I’ll follow up with a post of my own in a little while … promise!

~ by Sean Flinn on October 16, 2009.

One Response to “Getting Settled”

  1. Nice one! Now, get writing, son.

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